• Why Hire a Professional Social Media Marketing Agency in Singapore

    Search Engine Marketing / Posted by Admin - June , 20 2019

    Whether you’re a new business or a big national company, you probably have thought about hiring a social media marketing agency in Singapore. Will it really help to grow your business significantly? The answer is Yes.

  • 3 SEO Strategies to Optimize your Business in Singapore

    Search Engine Optimization / Posted by Admin - June , 19 2019

    There’s no denying that our society is heavily driven by digital technology today. Most people own a smartphone worldwide, allowing easy access to a whole lot of information on the internet at the touch of a button - SEARCH.


    Search Engine Marketing / Posted by Admin - June , 22 2018

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) uses paid advertisement to push your page up to the 1st page on search engines whereas for Search Engine Optimisation uses editorial and organic materials for natural search results on search engines.

    SEO goes through effort in content generation and link building to be pushed up to the better pages, and this is a long-term challenge depending on the competition. For new businesses that just started their hosting and domain set-up, it will generally take few months for Google to push the links up potentially.


    Branding / Posted by Admin - June , 15 2018

    Branding is a process of creating companies' brand, which consists of objectives, brand names, marketing strategies, identity system, and more. The reason for needing a brand guide can help to portray a standard message across to all consumers without confusing them with your businesses.

    A branding company or a branding agency in Singapore can help companies to create a coherent brand communication strategy that attracts target audiences and retains them. Organisations tend to hire branding companies and agencies to produce their brand strategy and brand identity.

  • The Important of Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

    Search Engine Optimization / Posted by Admin - June , 1 2018


    There are approximately 4 million websites launched per day, with about 1.8 billion sites active to date (according to Netcraft’s April 2018 Web Server Survey). With so many websites on search engine every day, there are always competitions with rankings to be on top of the Search Engine platforms.


    Web Design / Posted by Admin - May , 4 2018

    The Internet has been a platform that all of us move towards to since the early 80s for news and information - starting as an interworking server to an intercontinental network. Since then, the web designs of the Internet (World Wide Web) have been continuously evolving.
    The constant update allows consumers to have a better visual experience, as well as, comfortable user-flow while they are browsing through the site. It also lets owners place more images and content to create a beautiful, user-friendly website to retain consumers and reduce bounce rates.