Creating great quality projects that best portrays your business cannot thrive without you, and we are happy to assist you through the process with professional care and services.

  • Here is how you can help us:

    1. Please kindly provide one point-of-contact person for feedback and smooth communication flow. This person should be the key decision maker of your company.

    2. Do make sure that our emails are visible in your inbox or messages are clear on the phone for easy communication. If you have any queries on the status of the project, please feel free to check with your Project Manager.

    3. To kick-start your project, we will need the following items from you: High-Resolution digital assets, such as logos, info-graphs, photos. Website Content (unless you are engaging our copywriting services). If your website is multilingual, please kindly send us the content for the other languages as well.

    4. Please kindly provide content in an orderly manner to ensure minimal error during project development. Greatly appreciated if you can send us text files in documents to assist in copying and pasting of content, to reduce typographical error.

    5. Please kindly provide images or other contents (e.g. video files, scans of articles, etc.) that do not infringe any copyrights or intellectual property rights.

    6. Do provide at least three specifics about your feedback on your design during the development (e.g. the color theme, the button’s shapes, etc.)

    7. There will be training for you on using the Content Management System after completion of project, which will help you in doing minor content amendments by yourself on the new website. Should you need any web management services, you can contact your Project Manager for more queries.

    8. Global Dot Com provides swift services and aim to have your website up and running, soonest possible, without any delays. Thus, we require your assistance to provide timely turnaround of feedback and do your best to stick with the timeline. Thank you!
  • Here is what you can expect from us:

    1. We will always serve you in your best interests with our knowledge and experiences gathered over the years.

    2. We will not disclose any sensitive information related to your business to any third parties, as your privacy and confidentiality are very important to us.

    3. You will be allocated to a Project Manager who will liaise and work with you throughout your project.

    4. Should you have a target launch date for your project, please kindly inform us at the beginning of your project so we can work around it and advise you accordingly.

    5. In regards to Design, we respect your rights to make changes to it or empower our Project Manager to make recommendations. However, please kindly note that extensive changes will delay the completion of the project, as we will only proceed upon confirmation.

    6. Development will only start after the confirmation of project specification. You have the rights to request for the timeline and project specification document.

    7. Should you require any assistance with the management of domains or hosting, we will provide technical support, access information and training to you. Do note that all domains and web hosting belong solely to you.

    8. Upon final payment, all copyrights and source codes will belong to you. You may request a copy of your website’s backup, Shutterstock photos, and working files to be handled over to you.

    9. Your kind feedback and compliments are greatly appreciated. At any juncture should you need to get attention from our organization, please send an email with details to