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Real Estate Services

Due to the voracious competition that has arisen with the increase in digitalization and globalization, it is not new that several companies are looking for new ways to continue developing. 

Advice On The Search For Property

This is one of the basic and essential services that a real estate agency must have. Well, in reality, the majority of clients who will search for a company like this will be to acquire real estate.

Processing Of The Energy Certificate

This document is mandatory to conduct some transactions in selling or renting a property. This includes the energy efficiency rating and consumption of the property. 

Market Study And Analysis

A real estate agency knows a house’s value or how to define it exactly. For this reason, they provide these services within their real estate agency so that clients trust them when making this approach.


This is one of clients’ favourite services in a real estate agency. This is because each company has a team of real estate agents who are experts in the entire real estate subject. 

Home Staging Services

We have already talked in previous articles about this great marketing strategy to sell a house. This is one of the services offered by a real estate agency due to their importance in attracting clients.


Another of the services that a real estate agency offers is to create an advertising strategy to promote the sale of real estate. This plan is carried out through various means of communication that can be chosen by themselves or according to your preferences. 


Properties by destination

Personal property that belongs to the owner of a property. The laws have designated them as real estate because they are considered accessories and necessary for use and exploitation.

We provide a variety of project solutions.

Globaldotcom real estate offerings cater to a wide range of preferences. The city’s commitment to urban planning and sustainability has resulted in meticulously designed neighborhoods, each with unique character and charm.

Property research

Supervision Of The Process

Asset Management

Our Services Offered

We hope you learn about the rest of a real estate agency’s services. However, it is important to emphasize that these companies must always be professional.